People want Buck!

I just got offered either Funches or Garcon (from the same guy) for Buck Allen. I am not very strong at RB. I have Murray, Ingram, Ellington, Buck, J stew. But I need help at WR: Julio Jones, Decker, Humphries, Wright.

Buck is looking at getting more touches but how long term is that? Murray is steady, Ingram just got rid of AP. So I’m looking better at RB. Can I afford this?

I probably don’t have the capital in Allen to ask for much more than Garcon or Funches. But he also has Perine, maybe I should add him in the trade??

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I’d do it for Garcon. He’s one of the league leaders in targets and SF will always be in garbage time which equates to more opportunity for Garcon. The Ravens hate Buck and have been trying to stop using him. If Collins stops fumbling, he’ll supplant him sooner rather than later. Move Buck while he’s hot.


sound logic from @joey_kilpatrick.

Thanks man. Solid take. I did the trade. Now the proud owner of one Pierre Garcon. And relieved myself of the land mine Buck Allen (who I unfortunately paid waaaaay too much for on waivers a few weeks back, but hopefully now it’s paying off).

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Look at it this way, you paid way too much for Garcon who (unless he gets hurt) you’ll get solid WR 2/Flex value from all season!