Percentage of FAAB?

So there’s a guy in our league who insists he doesn’t want Mims or Darnold and just dropped them (ppr superflex dynasty)… how much faab you dropping on them? ($100 for the year)

Is there one FAAB budget from now until end of 20/21 NFL season? Not off-season and in-season budgets?

A significant amount…

One faab until end of this upcoming year

How many teams and how many roster spots (bench/starting/taxi total)?

QB, 2 RB, 2WR, TE, 3 WRRBTE flex, 1 superflex (no defense or kicker) - 10 bench, 4 taxi…10 person league

In that case I prefer Mims to acquiring Darnold. Likely a Taxi candidate.

Prob would not bid much on Darnold. I would assume guys like Foles/Trubisky/Stidham/Taylor are on waivers.

Bid on Mims would depend on your drop candidates.