Perine and Morris - How much should I bid? RB Help!

Footclan! My only two healthy RBs is Gordon and Drake. Darkwa is questionable, Freeman is still “out,” and Thompson is out of the year.

How much should I bid on Perine, Morris (who I dropped for Drake last week), and Collins?

I have $14 left. Should I break the bank? Maybe save $3?

I’m also struggling with Hogan and Woods injured, but I do have Parker, Michael Thomas, Corey Davis and Jeffery for now.

I went for broke on Perine last week and used my last $30 on him. Blow your wad on him, he’ll be worth it.

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Thanks, I may not even get him, but I was going to offer $12 just in case. I’d be left with $2 for the rest of the year. We do have $0 bids, so I should be fine.