Perine & D. Lewis worth a pickup?

Is Perine worth a pickup still nearing playoffs or does the Wash record make that moot?

And is this enough so far from D. Lewis, getting some extra work in the air, to warrant a pick up with mixed matchups coming or he just getting used consistently because of this matchup?

This is only my 2nd year playing fantasy, and I’m still figuring out how to gear up for playoffs

I have them both on multiple teams. they both look like viable plays depending on matchup. Perine is the only RB left in Washington now for at least a couple weeks.

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Both worth pick ups for sure. They’re starting NFL RBs. Naturally it depends in what you’d be dropping, but I bet you have someone you can safely drop for one of them.

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TAKE PERINE. Thompson needs surgery. Perine will get all the volume. Top 10 guy ros

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Tough week to judge with so many crapping themselves. Been just kind of holding Ryan. May be time to cut him loose, but we’ll see how tomorrow goes. I just streamed Ellington for the matchup, but he’s got a few more good looks coming. Drake WAS looking good.

Think I’ve gotta grab him early for one of my unlocked players or wait to see how my benched Monday players do and hope for the best on waivers once I decide who to drop?

Only ones unlocked are
M. Ryan (Monday)
D. Freeman (Out this week)
M. Sanu (Monday)
M. Forté (BYE, Q - haven’t seen an update yet)
R. Anderson (BYE)

Top 10 ROS…? Let’s tap those breaks real quick. This hasn’t exactly been a prolific rushing attack.