Perine for Alex Smith?

I currently have Perine, and the person that lost Chris Thompson is willing to trade me Alex Smith for him. After Smith’s poor showing this week should I still take the trade?

Unless you’re desperate at QB, i wouldn’t do this.

Thanks for your reply! I have keenum and Big ben at QB right now… both of them did well last week too.

I think you’re fine at QB. I’d be ok shipping Perone off, but I’d look to package him with another midlevel guy to upgrade at RB/WR.

Edit: look for a fringe playoff team that’s getting desperate due to injuries/underperformance and needs to swing for the fences.

Cheers man, Smith has a good RoS and i’m a lock for the playoffs so I was just wondering if it would be worth the trade… but what you said makes a lot of sense

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Agree with everything above. I think Ben will be better moving forward. Make him give you more if he grisly is desperate