Perine for JuJu

Hey guys, picked up perine off the waiver wire and a guy in my league badly wants him. I’ve got Ingram, hunt, morris, darkwa as my Rb’s, but only have Sterling Sheppard, Keenan Allen, Corey davis and agholer as my wr. Should I hold onto perine, hope he blossoms into a star or trade him for a solid WR? Standard league

That is hard. You have deep hot steamy depth at RB.

JUJU could help your WR depth but he is also a wild card still. Also has a small hamstring issue ATM

If this guy can wait a week. I might suggest waiting until after the weekend. See how the next game for both guys go.

Perine also has a small finger issue but should not keep him from playing

I wish I could wait, unfortunately the trade deadline is Friday, alternatively I offered him perine and Sheppard for thielen, no reply yet