Perine versus Josh Gordon

I have a decision to make on my Flex spot. Perine or Josh Gordon in a 1 PPR league. My opponent and I are projected to be an even match plus we are tied 8-5 in the division. It is possible that the loser of this match does not make the playoffs. I lean towards Perine because he may have the safer floor. However, Gordon could taken off this week after a good first week showing.


I’d lean with Perine… He should get the touches… We’re all wishing for Gordon to kill it…

I’d go Gordon. At this point in the season you kind of just have to play him or let him go. His matchups don’t get easier after this one so it should be a decent showing from him after making plays against one of the best CBS in the league. Perine does have a safe floor so if you want to play conservatively I’d go him but Gordon is just so shiny right now.

Agree re Gordon. Great matchup this week and he’s fired up and ready to go. Both he and Kizer have a lot to prove and nothing to lose.