Perplexed on what to counter with

His team- Brees, Lynch, Ellington, Hopkins, Cobb, Delanie Walker, C. Thompson, David Johnson, Watkins, T. West, Witten, Marvin Jones, Gabriel, McCown.

My team- Newton, Bell, Martin, M. Thomas, Hill, Watson, Thielen, Baldwin, Benjamin, Riddick, Eifert, Mariota, Powell.

Full PPR league.

He wants Hill. I’m a big Brees guy and want to move Cam while he’s hot (don’t trust his shoulder and quite frankly I can’t stand him lol), He offered me Brees and Watkins for Cam and Hill and I rejected the offer cuz Watkins is struggling and his schedule is brutal. Any thoughts on how I get Brees with a counter? Or should I just stay put? Thanks guys!

If you really want Brees, maybe see if he’d do Brees and Cobb for Cam and Hill… Maybe float the idea of adding DJ on top


What are your thought’s on Chris Thompson?

I really dont want much to do with the NFC EAST backfields. Is it kelley, Perine, Thompson for the Skins? Zeke is the only quality back of all NFC East at this point and he may or may not be suspended for 6 games.

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