Perrine or Morris

Full PPR. Have to decide between Morris and Perrine to flex this week. Have miller and bell already starting.

go morris. Both have volume but morris has better matchup

I am still wrestling with this one. I am gonna need some more foot clan input. Or should I go Morris and Perrine and sit Lamar Miller? Since two of these 3 have 1 pm games any further insight wil be much appreciated-

I’m in a similar situation. I have Freeman, Alfred Morris and Samaje Perine as my 2 RBs and flex. But I also just picked up Geo Bernard and want to start him but not sure who to sit.

As for your situation, I think I would lean more towards Perine. I think the cowboys still like that other back they have as well and may do some work where as Perine pretty much has the backfield to himself

Perrine all day.

Then maybe the question I should be asking is Alfred Morris vs NYG or Lamar Miller vs SF.

This turned out badly for me. I started Perrine and flex’d Morris. Had i started Lamar Miller it would not have gone any better. All 3 had plus matchups and crapped the bed for me. Needless to say, I exited the playoffs in round 1. Oh well…we’ll try again next year.