Personal Preference Poll: Passing TD 6pt or 4pt

Hey Footclan,

First, let me be transparent, I’m a 6pt TD guy. They aren’t worth a different amount in the real game, why should they be in Fantasy?

Anyhow, What do you prefer? Just interested in a general survey.

We went to 6pt passing TD to balance out the disparity from rushing QBs. Yes it’s a difference in their game that makes them valuable, but we kept the 10yds/1pt for rushing so they’re already getting a boost. A touchdown is a touchdown.

Plus our commish got torched by Tebow falling into the endzone so he sent it to a vote before the next season. Unanimously passed because higher scores are more fun!

One reason I see to make it 4 pt is if you are playing in a superflex PPR league, that way if you ever have to play a WR/RB in your superflex instead of a QB (due to an injury/bye) you won’t be completely screwed.