Personal record points scored! 245

Started the season 1-3 but my team is finally coming around. Made trades for AB and this week I pulled off a trade for Ertz. Also picked Fournette up when he was dropped, didn’t even play him this week because I was banking on Aaron Jones to finally break out!image image

Congrats! Sick!
The scoring format in our league isn’t quite like yours…we don’t have linebackers in our line up.
I’ve never seen that. Can you explain that to me?

Also, not to brag but I also broke a record in scoring. I had big ben, DJ, Zeke and Chubb. That’s 120 off 4 players. I ended at 175 where we usually average around a 100 points a week.

I hope sterling Shepard doesn’t score 155 points tonight …


We play with IDP (individual defensive players) instead of DST. I’ve played both and I love the IDP compared to DST. There are different point settings like ppr, 1/2 ppr and standard. In our league we get 1.5 points per tackle, 0.75 points for assist tackle, 2 pts for sack, int or fumble recovery. You get turnover return yardage as well as TD points. Some leagues require you to start a certain number of linemen, linebackers and defensive backs. We just play with two IDP flex positions. Linebackers are the most consistent scorers but DBs can have a higher ceiling but are also more likely to bust.

Oh that’s awesome. I don’t think I could find a group of friends large enough to play this but I’ll be hopeful for the future.

Thanks for taking the time.