Personal Responsibility vs League Integrity?

Hi Footclan,

Drafted on Saturday night after the Jerrick McKinnon news broke about his ACL and missing the season. Someone in our league (not myself) drafted him anyway in the 3rd round and is now upset. For reference, we use ESPN as our platform.

Who is more at fault, the guy for not being up-to-date on the McKinnon news or the commissioner/leaugemates that let him draft McKinnon?

I can see it multiple ways. In an age of instant access to news and information via smartphones, it should have been known or at least researched. With two minutes per pick and the little Q next to his name the guy could have quickly looked it up. On another hand, ESPN should have changed the rankings or could have been quicker updating the information. I’m not sure if anyone else in the league knew, about it either.

That’s a tough one man, but the guy should have been more up to date before drafting. What are you gonna do? Re-draft the whole league because one guy didn’t do his research? It’s not the leagues fault he was unaware.


Yeah, dude is completely to blame and there is no blame to be had anywhere else. People need to show up to their drafts prepared. That was a HUGE news story, if he didn’t know it’s his own damn fault. He needs to stop blaming others for his own stupidity.


Thanks for the responses!

Just as a reference, does anyone know the turn-around time, or how often these big sites update their rankings after this kind of big news? For people who use multiple platforms for multiple leagues, is any one faster than the other? I was trying to suggest Sleeper as a new platform, so this might be the straw that breaks the camels back.

I personally like Fleaflicker and find it best, but yahoo is also pretty quick on their updates in general.

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He should be up to date on news, it sucks for him but its noones fault but his own. It isnt your responsibility to make sure he doesnt shoot himself in the foot, that’s on him 100%

sleeper is fantastic