Perspective Dynasty insight plz

Hey all. Taking a shot at Dynasty finally after 15 years of playing if you can believe that. Looking for a bit of insight to give me an edge. Main question: Inna Dynasty start up, what rounds is the earliest you pull the trigger on taking one of this years top rookies. Thx guys.

I have seen Jonathan Taylor and Swift go in the 3rd round, and Tua and Joe Burrow in the 4th of a superflex startup. In that draft I generally passed on rookies and took advantage of the proven talent falling, and generally, I would suggest that as a guideline. There are plenty of people who are much more knowledgable about rookies and have ideas about what they will do, and they are not wrong. My advice would be to do your own bit of research, and to take advantage of any players your leguemates might have slept on - whether it is because they picked a rookie or went for someone that felt safer, either way there is a lot of opportunity in a draft with more players selected that you might not want. Enjoy your trip into dynasty - something tells me you’ll never look back!


Haha yeah you’ll love it and once you do and get the hang of it, try some devy league one day. Did it this year for the first time and it is another level of depth being able to draft even down to high school…

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Thx man. A lot of good stuff there

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Really appreciate it. Thx

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Absolutely bro. Good luck!