Perspectives On My Roster (another "I'm 0-2 and help me not tilt" thread)

Hey folks, I’m another unfortunate individual who is 0-2 in a bad way. I’ve been blown out in the first two games because my team is not putting up points.

I would appreciate any advice you can give regarding which direction I should take my team. Are brighter days ahead? Or do I have a lot of work to do? It’s worth noting that I’ve tried trading Le’veon Bell, but haven’t found any takers.

QB: Philip Rivers
RB1: Marshawn Lynch
RB2: Rex Burkhead
WR1: Davante Adams
WR2: Larry Fitzgerald
TE: Trey Burton
Flex: Amari Cooper
D/ST: Eagles
K: Will Lutz


  • Devonta Freeman (injured)
  • Marvin Jones
  • Rashaad Penny
  • Sony Michel
  • Aaron Jones
  • Jared Cook (plan to drop him this free agency period, still have him after adjusting to Delanie Walker injury)


  • Le’veon Bell

I’ve tried packaging Devonta Freeman with a NE running back to upgrade to a Leonard Fournette level player, but haven’t found a suitor. I’m almost wondering if I need to package Bell and Freeman although both are at low trade values right now and my RB depth is terrible at this point. I also know that having two NE running backs isn’t ideal but they were the best value picks in the draft in their rounds. Anyways, I appreciate any advice you all can offer. Thanks!