Peterson, McCaffrey for M. Thomas, Smallwood

New here but could use some advice. Received a trade recently to receive McCaffrey and Peterson for Thomas and Smallwood. 0.5 PPR.

Here’s what my team looks like:

RB: Zeke, Collins, Yeldon, R. Freeman, Breida, Smallwood, Ito Smith
WR: Thomas, Juju, D. Adams, Fuller, Coutee, Sanu

On paper it looks good, but being a casual football fan I could use a second opinion. Thanks!

I like this trade. Gives you help at RB with CMC who is pretty solid in half PPR and Zeke who will bounce back. Peterson has also been good and looks to continue that form and he’s a good rotational guy for you when Zeke is on bye and with Freeman and Breida based on matchups in the flex slot.

WR wise yes you lose MT but Adams is the man this year and will be WR1 with better TD upside in my view than MT, JuJu equally solid and should be that way ROS - he could see a slight step down in targets when Bell eventually returns but that’s a big if. You weaken the WR core but have 2 solid every week starters and post trade a really good RB core. You can always find WR3 guys on waivers. I’d make the trade, it helps your roster.


Thanks James that’s very helpful! Unless anyone else chimes in, I’ll probably go for the trade then. I also have a waiver claim for Mosert and I’ll probably bump out Coutee, so I might be a tad RB heavy. Yeldon’s value may drop though with Hyde coming in too.


That sounds the right moves to me, nothing wrong with being RB heavy and as you have two locked in starting WRs (post trade) you need depth sure but as i said you can always find at worst a swing for the fences WR4 to play every week from waivers. It’s been a strange RB year this year but to me it’s just highlighted that you need a ton of RB depth at all times, you simply can’t find them on the waiver often enough and they are expensive to trade for. Having a good stock allows you flexibility and powerful trade chips if needed for later in the season, not to mention insurance for you own team while you have them.

You never like to give up a stud RB or WR but for the right price it’s a smart move.


I agree, this trade is a yes for me also CMC is a great addition plus losing Thomas can hurt but u have Adams and Juju while also helping ur RBs with depth and strengthening them