Pettis for Lindsay

I got offered Dante Pettis and 1st for James white and Philip Lindsay in full PPR
Lindsay is my rb 4/5 on team and I’m weak at WR
Would you guys do this trade I’m leaning towards yes

yeah thats an instant yes from me. pettis is a rising star in my book, while i also believe that lindsay wont be what he was last year, just from the offensive playbook changes alone. james white i like, but my rule of thumb for any patriots RB is… i dont trust them. add in that you get a 1st as well (im guessing a dynasty 1st case otherwise this is highway robbery) and it just makes too much sense to say yes.

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I would do Pettis/Lindsay trade. I would keep White out of it. White is going to be a monster in PPR leagues this year. He finished as RB7 last season and Gronk is now gone. He’ll be looked at even more. Pettis is up and coming pro-bowl caliber WR and Lindsay won’t be able to repeat what he did last season. Freeman will eat into more carries.

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For me this all depends on what position that 1st is… 2019 1st 1-4/5 you can fill your wr role or your running back hole…if its back end 6-12 not enough value based on the guys going here.

Pettis is solid and agree with wells_faine on lindsey coming back to earth some but where that 1st is located makes the difference…

1.3 - pettis/ (harry/montg) for lindsey/white deff would take that
1.8- pettis/ (hockenson/Brown/campbel for lindsey/white wouldnt make that trade

2020 1st+ pettis for linsdey/white-only if you were starting a rebuild thats solid young capital.

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It’s a 2020 1st we already had our rookie draft

My other RBs are Fournette, Chris Carson, Damian Williams, Rashad Penny, Chris Thompson, Bryce Love, Jay Ajayi and Kalen Ballage

I would give up white and Lindsay for a 2020 1st alone. Anyone I investing in white is in for disappointment this season. Just go look at back half of his season after Michel came back. Was averaging <10ppr points and had half the games with <4 points. The dude is straight up unusable. And last contract year so he’s gone next season and we all know what happens to pats RBs who join other teams. They suck.

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Do it! Next year should be a good rookie class unlike the class this year.

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