Peyton Barber vs. Isaiah Crowell

The Ballers have Barber rated as a better start than Crowell this week. Do you agree? My gut tells me to go with Crowell.

crowell i think has the better matchup and game script, i think reality hits tb hard this week vs philly

See I feel the same way. If you look at the rankings for this week though Barber is four or five slots ahead of Crowell. I mean I’m going to follow my gut and play Crowell. Just wondering why the guys think Barber is going to score more this week.

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i dont know for sure but i would assume they have him ahead because he really has no threat to his workload, while crow is in a 50/50 split with bilal, and they love bilal so much (as a jets fan myself, i’m higher on crowell for the season, and this weekend, than bp)

I feel like the Jets are going to use Crowell more in the way he should be used. And I like Powell as a complement. I think it will give Isaiah a chance do more and stay a little fresher. The Browns were just grinding him into the ground. I like Enunwa Also. I think the Jets have a decent year this year.

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