Peyton Barber

So I’m not real high on him right now and am considering dropping him for either Corey Clement or Ausin Ekeler. Thoughts? Opinions?

Some help please Footclan.

I am in a similar predicament. My thought is to try to hang on to Barber (who as of now is the #1 RB for the team) and hope he has a decent game so I can package trade him. But I guess it just depends on your RB needs on if you can risk holding or not.

So I can hold him and I’ve thought of that. But he is on a pass happy team and I just don’t see them going to a run heavy scheme at any point. With all of the RBs getting banged up I’m afraid there won’t be any potential left after I give him a chance. I fell like Clement has the better potential due to the fragility of Ajayi. But Ekeler is on the better offense.

The problem with PB right now is Fitzmagic

if winston comes back. (and he might not)
He will start getting more touches