Philip Lindsay in 4 Man Keeper League

Is he worth keeping? This kid is just absolutely explosive, would he be in the top 4 among names like these?

Devonta Freeman
Mark Ingram
Kerryon Johnson
Jarvis Landry
Amari Cooper
And of course Lindsay

I’m out of the playoffs so I’m looking to next year, who would be your 4 keepers?

Kerryon and Lindsay 100%.
Cooper is looking like he is gunna be a rockstar in dallas.

Not sure about who i would keep as the 4th

Probably freeman depending on his injury

Lindsay + Kerryon are easily 1 and 2 on that list.

He has worked himself into the lead role.

Others would probably be cooper and freeman if he’s healthy.

Thanks guys, this really assuages me if anyone in my league judges me for keeping an undersized, undrafted rookie.

Watching him play is just a ton of fun, and I’m not even a broncos fan

My thoughts were

Ingram if he’s in a different place next year as sole lead back
And Cooper

Really love Lindsay though, so I’m glad you guys think he’s keeper worthy too!

Lindsay > Ingram by a pretty wide margin for me tbh. Freeman is the guy I’d consider keeping because he’s still on a good offense and when healthy, Freeman is one of the best in the league still. And once coleman leaves, even with Ito there, Freeman should still see a decent workload to make him a great fantasy asset.

I usually fade UDFA guys cause its rare for them to do anything but I’ve seen enough of a sample size of Lindsay playing to see its not a fluke. he is just a very dynamic runner and the organization loves him which means he will get opportunity to play. As a far as I’m concerned, Lindsay has basically played himself into the lead role for that franchise over Freeman. RIP all freeman shares / hype from pre-season. Lindsay is the exception not the rule though.

I’m in the playoffs, and I’m also in a four-keeper league with Lindsay. I’m probably going to keep him over Keenan Allen, as he is truly talented, the Broncos know how to use him, and he can do it all and is not a one-trick pony. (My other WR keepers are Michael Thomas and Tyreek Hill, and I’ll be keeping Fournette too.)

If I were you I’d keep:
Devonta (Tevin’s a FA after this year too)
and Cooper (or Landry if you like the Brown’s new HC in the offseason)