Philip Lindsey or Aaron Jones

1/2 PPR - Wondering who to start this week. Lindsey seems to have a ceiling due to how Denver chooses to play, but worried about Jones since GB also seems to want to limit their RB touches. Feels like Lindsey has a safer floor, but Jones has a higher ceiling. I am projected to win by 20 points according to projections, but we all know how accurate those are (for reference I was projected for 135 points this last week and scored 203).

GB/NE is going to be a shootout.
Jones doesn’t seem to get many passing duties as you alluded to, which hurts the value.

Royce is still ailing and it sounds like denver doesn’t wanna risk anything which ups lindsays value.
Also lindsay is used in passing situations, which is good in ppr formats

I gotta go lindsay here.

If Freeman is out, I would say Lindsay no questions.

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