Philip Rivers and QB streaming this week + beyond

My league generally doesn’t stream QB with a few teams rostering 2 QBs, usually through bye weeks. With Philip Rivers facing Denver this week, would you prefer him over the Dak/Mariota/etc streamer QBs? I just feel like the ceiling isn’t there for him this year with their team dominating and not having to put up many points.

Maybe I’m just a points snob and I should just count my lucky stars for having this playoff schedule, but as easy as his schedule is, isn’t that the problem? Blow out teams and not have to put much of an effort into a game, leaving fantasy owners with the 15 point game but not much of a ceiling?

What thoughts do you guys have on the situation?

PS I attached my team to give you an idea of who I would drop (if not Rivers straight up). My team was pretty ravaged this year due to injury/just didn’t hit and I’m trying to find some upside for the playoffs. I’ve had to drop Lynch + Rex for my RBs, and Williams/Penny/Baldwin/Fitz/Gronk who I drafted all didn’t pan out.

I roll with Rivers over a lot of streamers including mariota, dak, baker, dalton, eli…

He wont give you 39 points but he scored less then 17 points only once this season.
I like that reliability alot.

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Yeah, which makes me want to just stick. Just not seeing that upside makes me sad - hope he can just throw some more Gordon screens for 60 yards so they can both eat. He’s such a beast this year.

Reliability hard to come by