Phillip Lindsay FAAB

First time FAAB user here. I’m wondering how much FAAB I should spend on Lindsay in a full ppr 10 team dynasty? I have Royce Freeman as well. Thanks!

None. You don’t want to own both freeman and Lindsay. I still think Freeman wins that job. In no world do you want to own that entire backfield. The oline looks mediocre and it’s going to be unfavorable game scripts going forward. Keenum is not the answer.

If you’re right about game scripts, that might mean good things for Lindsay.

I actually kind of disagree about the game scripts and Keenum any way. He’s not a 'solve you’re QB problem for a decade kind of guy, but I think he’s a pretty solid QB, and more than good enough to make an offense with that many weapons productive. I think this team could be pretty good.

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That’s true. I’m hesitant to think he will get this type of volume going forward. My gut says freeman should eventually win out into a 65/35 type split given Lindsay’s size but after watching the full game, he looked pretty damn good.

Yeah guess we’ll see on Keenum. But against a seattle D which is probably below average, his decision making was pretty questionable and just like he did with vikings, consistently missed guys down field.

In a dynasty league, I’d spend 30% of your FAAB. In dynasty, players like that aren’t available often. How big are rosters? Mine is 28, so Lindsay was already owned, but if he were out there, I’d spend at least 30%.

I’d be surprised to see Lindsay available on dynasty. I grabbed him where ever I could like 2 months ago. Some leagues, he was drafted.

If he’s on waivers in dynasty, I’m def spending big to get him.

Wait, spend nothing or spend big @MikeMeUpp ? At the moment I’m thinking that Lindsay would be nice to have but not completely necessary because I have Freeman. I’m thinking of using about 20%

Oh if it’s dynasty, I’m definitely spending for Lindsay. Sorry I didn’t see you say dynasty part. In PPR, I think he’s a good add. I’d spend 25-30% depending on your RB needs.

Okay I gotcha. Thanks a lot!

@MikeMeUpp I don’t agree with you about the Broncos O-Line and Keenum. I don’t think too much should be spent on Lindsay because he is still going to be the RB2 behind Royce, but the Broncos O-Line is looking good. Keenum had turnover mistakes I agree. He also threw for close to 340 yards and 3 TDs.

As far as Lindsay and FAAB. I wouldn’t spend too much. But I would put in a small offer and see if you hit.

O-line ranked out top 10 last year and hasn’t had a lot of changes.

That seattle D was awful in every way. They have maybe like 2 pro bowl caliber guys on the entire team. And the stats are cool, but watching the plays, it was mostly from YAC. It wasn’t keenum throwing his receivers open or making the proper plays down field. I just don’t understand the fascination with Keenum. He’s just an okay guy.

Also, where’s this top 10 ranking from? They were definitely bottom half of the league last year ranked by PFF and it showed on tape. They look slightly better this year but honestly, still just a middle of the pack Oline from what I can see. Better at run blocking than pass pro but that could also just cause Seattle is actually awful.

Do agree with you that Lindsay is still probably the RB2 but will likely see increased touches in negative game scripts due to passing work, especially as they eventually phase booker out of the game. He was so bad, as expected…

Tiny error on my part. I mean’t to include (for the run). Pass protect wasn’t as good, partially due to the horrible qb play. (Holding onto the ball and allowing sacks, etc.) They were a solid top 10 unit running the ball and looked, at least on paper, to have improved some. In fact, they rushed for more yards per game than the Rams last year, which I found a little shocking.

That is pretty surprising. Did not know that. Interesting, good for freeman stock.

When you can’t pass to save your life you gotta run. :stuck_out_tongue: