Phillip Lindsay or Kerryon Johnson?

I’m starting Joe Mixon but struggling very hard with the other RB spot. I know Kerryon will get it rolling if Mathew Stafford opens up some kind of passing game. Lindsay on the other hand will be playing from behind in Kansas and its hard for me to bank on trash points. Your input would be appreciated!

I’d play Lindsay between the two. RBs score against KC, and he can catch passes too.

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Lindsay all the way

No way to get both in your lineup?

I’m starting Mixon but would consider starting Johnson if he could out do Mixon

Kerryon > Lindsay
(only if Riddick is out atm)

I agree Bekksen, I’m a huge Kerryon J fan but I don’t want that to cloud my judgement. Chiefs have given it up to RBs this season but I dont like starting a RB that most likely will be playing from behind and I Don’t believe in relying in trash points.