Phillip Lindsay Trade

I am currently in a second year dynasty league, and am trying to repeat my title. I have a offer on the table for Phillip Lindsay, and I am want to see what his trade value should be.

This is a half point PPR league with my bench below.

QB: Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger, Nick Fowles
RB: Gulery, Kamara, Philip Lindsay, Powell
WR: Golladay, Coutee, Tyrell Williams, Allison, Parker, Wilson, Marques Lee, Berrios, Quinn
TE: Engram, Ian Thomas, Mark Andrews, Austin Hooper
Picks: 1.12, 2,12, 3.12

Based on my roster, what are some good trade targets that I could flip Lindsay for?

It’s really hard to answer this.

Not the answer you want, but find the RB needy team in your league and send them a DM or trade offer. If you are trying to build a starting lineup for 2019, I would target a WR or mid 2019 first if you can get it.

Yeah, I’d target a solid WR for him. I don’t think he’ll finish top 12 again like he did last year, but he’s a good RB and you can move him to gain a better option at WR (where you’re a tad weak). Don’t be afraid to package a pick with him to get a nice upgrade.

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I was able to move Lindsay and the 1.12 for the 1.03 and 2.03 and Murray. I didn’t end up with a solid wideout but solidified getting a 2 solid rookie picks that I can use on a WR deep class.