Phillip Lindsay?

Was he on anyone’s radar? Is he really about to be a #1 waiver pickup for week 2? I hope this is just a huge overreaction but curious to see if anyone thought he would do this?

Seems like Royce hasn’t touched the field since he came on. If Keenum hadn’t been turning the ball over the stats would probably be even better.

7-37 and 1-29-1 in the first half.

As a broncos fan heck ya! Dude is phenomenal:)

Knew all about him coming out of college because of his pass catching ability. Just didnt think he would see the field yet.

The other guy is Ballage, as soon as Gore retires, Ballage should take Drakes job, he is a hell of a pass catcher.

Have him on a lot of fantasy teams. Not sure about redrafts yet though. Have to go back and watch the film.

I think abig part of it was the fact that Keenum was turning the ball over so no ground and pound.

But it definitely feels like Royce isn’t getting receiving work. If he doesn’t TD, going to be hard to start on a week to week.

Well acquainted due to dynasty (fairly heavily exposed), but I’m not rushing to get him in redraft

He did well in preseason. I figured he would be more of a splash play/gadget play guy. I was shocked at his work load. Some people will fight over him but I think I will let them as I am pretty set at RB. It looks like a ‘hot hand’ approach in Denver right now.