Phillip Rivers or Alex Smith

Hey folks,

I have Patrick Mahommes, Alex Smith and Phillip Rivers on my current roster for my 1 point PPR Dynasty League. I am working on my keeper list. It is a single QB league and I am trying to choose between Rivers and Smith. What are your thoughts?

i say just stick with what we know. and we know rivers gets over 4000 yards a season and around 30 TDs. that dates back to 2008. the only reason to ever take smith there is if you want a reliable floor. cause phillip can disappear. but that doesnt bother me cause he produces way more than falls off.

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Rivers is for sure consistent. He is reliable. But Alex Smith was the #3 Fantasy QB last year. Is it crazy to think he can still produce at that level with a new team and in my opinion similar weapons? Jordan is a great TE, Guice and Thompson should be outstanding together.
Its more a tough choice than just banking on Rivers reliability.

I agree with Buster. Rivers is your guy.

well dont forget, that was smiths best year EVER. and his first time even getting to 4000 yards. sure, he could keep balling out, or he could fall back more to his norm.

He has progressively gotten better and better each year since he went to the Chiefs. Its a tough choice, Thanks for the input though. I appreciate it.

i mean, kinda true. he dipped from 2015 to 2016. but thats just nit picking from me. either way, rivers is pretty much a lock for 4000 yards and 25 TDs. and although he will throw more INTs, ill take that awesome baseline and run with it. otherwise you are banking on smith passing for 4000 yards and 25 TDs, both of which are things he has only done once in his career, and they were both last year.

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I agree with Buster, Rivers is the go to. Years of consistency vs. just reaching a “good” plateau.

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