Phillip Rivers @Rams

Obviously I’m not dropping Rivers but I’m not a fan of rostering 2 QB. But this week against the Rams I might have to. Thinking of maybe Alex Smith vs Green Bay. Or Dalton at Carolina?
Now who to drop? Marlon Mack?, Geronimo Allison? Or Robby Anderson??

Thanks clan :metal::metal:

I would drop Anderson or Allison. You can stream WR’s in their caliber weekly

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Agreed. I was leaning Anderson

Idk if you’re going to be able to drop Anderson since he’s played already, but if you can, that’d be the guy I’m dropping. Streaming-QB wise, I think I lean Smith over Dalton this week.

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Damn, you are right he played last night. I don’t really want to drop anyone else… maybe Mack? I might just hold my breath and start Rivers… :sweat: