Pick 1.01 and 1.02


What would you do if you had the 1.01 and 1.02 picks with the following roster.

16 teamer
TE Premium - 1.5 ppr
6 pt passing TDs
2 Flex

QB (start: 1): C. Newton, N. Mullens, J. Love
RB (start : 2-4): K. Ballage, M. Brown, L. Murray, I. Smith, M. Ingram, T. Coleman, B. Snell
WR (start 2-4): M. Thomas, C. Ridley, J. Jeudy, M. Hardman, D. Moore, D. Amendola, R. Cobb, J. Hurd
TE (start 1-3): A. Firkser, J. Doyle

As you can tell, my team is terrible. Haha. I am in need of QB, RB and TE… Basically an entirely new team.

I am thinking of going N. Harris or T. Etienne depening on their landing spot in the NFL draft. Then since it is a 16 teamer, go after T. Lawerance.

Or should I just take the top 2 RBs and see what QB is sitting at the 2.02 spot.


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Harris and Pitts. That’s what I would do. Lawrence is great but QBs are great all the time. You need RB and TE more IMHO… Although your QBs are pretty shady… damn

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I thought about Pitts also. It is werid to say I would take a TE with the 1.02. The TE premium is enticing.

IMHO, you are a rebuild. I might be wrong, but that’s how I would approach this squad. I’d look to be swinging coming out of the 2023 class. With that stated, here’s how I would use those picks.

Keeping the picks.

I do not think much of this class is really in elite territory. If I had to take two, I’d go Chase / Pitts. Those two look like the best difference makers in this class. IF it were super flex I’d take a QB, likely TLaw. I am assuming this is 1QB given it is 16 teams.

I should say at that point, a top-end potential QB is a difference maker, so perhaps T Law (or whomever you like) should be considered. Actually, I think I would be fine swapping Pitts for T Law. As @TheCardinalRule notes QBs are great all the time, but in 16 team you could be starting QB16. That’s not so great.

Assuming you opt to move the picks, here’s what I’d attempt.

This might not seem popular, but I’d move those picks for more picks by dropping back. You are fortunate in that this is a deep class and there is talent to fill out the first 32 picks (end of your 2nd round). I’d look to move off those picks and acquire more. Obviously higher is better.

As you mention this team is in need of help. Two picks alone won’t do it, and I’d argue RB is not wise if you kept the picks. RB are typically good to deploy immediately. I think you build up a strong surrounding core and grab RB once you are ready. Your surrounding core needs some TLC. With the other positions taking a bit longer to develop you can unfortunately burn useful years on a RB with no supporting talent. I prefer doing the reverse.

If you can even double those picks, that would help you out more. Slide back and take someone’s 1st/2nd and maybe something else for 1 of your picks. Repeat with pick 2. IF you can grab 2 1st rounders even better, and you can then do similar with one of the 1st rounders in that trade.

This class is broad but not necessarily spectacular. At least IMHO. If you can add 4 RB/WR it will help support your squad. You can even select a QB later. If this is not SF as most people will not value them quite as much. With 5 potential quality QBs (landing spot dependent) out there, you could move back to 8-12 and likely pull one of them. In the process being able to consume some extra bodies to fill out your ranks.

Deep cut. I would even look to move MT & Ridley. Or at least consider it. That might seem counter to give up two studs, but if you can land some picks (which you should in a 16 team) it should be worth it. I think you want to blow this up, grab as many picks as you can, and embrace the suck for this season in hopes of early draft position for 2022. IF you do that, there are some strong QBs in that class whom I like almost as much if not more than most of this class. You can build in skill positions now and grab QB then.

I think most would tell you how to spend your 1.01 / 1.02 but I’d bust them down to increase my chances. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with drafting those two positions. The players there ought to make immediate impact. That said, insert just those two names into your roster and see if it looks like it turned around. You might look great at the top but there’s a lot of air under them.

Future consideration. Look for 2023 1sts / 2nds. If you can get them lumped in (say 2 2021 2nds and a 2023 1st) that class should be strong for helping out your RB. And by then ideally your other assets will have matured and the RBs can step in to a ready to compete roster.

Ultimately if you cannot trade them for multiple other picks then you are stuck with the 1.01 / 1.02. Not really a loss :wink:

Just my two cents!

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