Pick 1.02: Running Back or Wide Reciever

Hi Footclan! I have the 1.02 in a 10 team start up dynasty league. It is my first year in Dynasty and want to make sure I have the right approach with my pick. Assuming Barkley is picked at 1.01, should I draft a RB at 1.02 such as Zeke, Gurley, McCaffrey or Kamara or should I try and grab an elite reciever such as Hopkins or Adams? I’m only asking because I’ve heard that it’s good to solidify the WR spot on a dynasty team. Look forward to your opinions!

I did my start up a few years ago and OBJ was the clear cut #1 dynasty pick. I decided to go with a RB instead (dumbly chose DJ over Zeke b/c of the suspension at the time). Anyways, I really think RB is the way to go when comparing across tiers. You always want to “win now” and a solid RB core will help with that, as I’m sure you know from re-draft. Therefore, I would go Zeke if Barkely goes 1.01 because Zeke is the safest, most proven, and still young RB available.
My other bits of advice with a start up draft:

  1. When comparing two players in the exact same tier, take the younger; but, do not pass up on an older guy a tier above a younger, take the best player and only use age as a tie-breaker.
  2. Unless you are in a 2TE or superflex league, TEs and QBs should still be your super late round picks. I think WRs and RBs are even more valuable in dynasty because of roster size; so, let other people take TEs and QBs while you load up on WR and RB depth.
  3. Later in drafts, consider QB age and contracts when looking at young WRs who have yet to break out. A young WR lottery ticket is a great thing to have; but, if you can’t be sure they have a QB in the future, that lottery ticket becomes more risky.

Lastly, in a start up, please please please play for this year. It bugs me when people go into start up drafts constructing a roster that they think will hit 3 years from now. One, hats not fun to suck for years. And two, there are a lot of unknowns in fantasy football (Eddie Lacey), so win when you can.

So, use age as a tie breaker not the leading factor, wait on TEs and QBs, and pay attention to situation for future flyers.


I think it just depends on a lot. If you’re capable of trading the pick to move back into the mid first then I’d recommend that. There isn’t a huge difference in value between the 1.02 and the 1.06 and all you gain is an extra pick like a 5th rounder than you could turn into DJ Moore, Kupp, or someone slipping.

If not capable, it’s all about how you choose to build. To me it’s between Zeke and Hopkins. Both are great picks of course. It’s probably harder to find a guy who could potentially replicate Zekes production as compared to Hopkins production but there will still be a lot of good backs available in your round 2. Maybe Dalvin, Chubb, Conner. You’re looking at WRs like Julio, Amari, AB.

Would you rather have Zeke and any of those WRs/RBs or Hopkins and one of those RBs? I think it’s just preference. You’re more than likely going to like your first two picks. All I recommend is at least taking one RB in the first two rounds. You don’t want to get caught without at least one stud.

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Is this a SuperFlex league?

I share many of the opinions of @michael_pounders and @ty_nagy. However, I will re-iterate the concept of playing for this year. Or winning now.

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I also made the assumption that it’s not SF, if it is, just take Mahomes and don’t think.

Hi guys, appreciate the feed back!!! And no it is not a super flex league. I’m just trying to understand the value of positions in Dynasty.