Pick 1 Dynasty rookie draft

I have pick 1 of the rookie draft in our 1/2ppr dynasty league.

I have been offered pick 20 and Kenny golladay.

What’s everyone’s thoughts?

RBS are bell, Jones, Johnson, guice, hunt and Murray.

WR brown, DJ Moore, Sutton, Davis, Kirk, coutee and mvs

You have 1.01 and he’s offered the 20th pick and Golladay correct?

I’m not a dynasty wizard but that doesn’t feel even remotely like equal value to me.

Id take Jacobs (1.01) over 20 and Golladay. I like Golladay but that pick isnt high enough.

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Personally I would do that deal any day of the week. I’m not a huge fan of any of the top rookies this year if I’m honest. Higher on Montgomery than any others, but I also think Golladay can become a stud. You need another solid starter for your WRs, and he can be that and much more. Pick 20 still gives you a chance for a solid rookie to stash most likely this year as well.

I guess… at 20 you’re hoping Damien Harris or Justice Hill falls to you, otherwise you’re talking about guys like Irv Smith, Miles Boykin, or Bryce Love… I think I’d rather have Jacobs or Montgomery at 1.01 especially given that he has excellent depth at the WR position and a few question marks in Guice and Hunt at the RB position

From a value perspective, because we are talking dynasty, Jacobs is the answer. Unless someone offers you clearly more value or the easy possibility of greater value than stick to Jacobs. Even if you don’t like him or the Raiders…

  • Jacobs plays to potential, you’ll make a profit.
  • Jacobs does not play to potential, you’ll break even