Pick 1! Half PPR

Flex spot in 14 Half PPR

Either Singletary, John Brown, Dede, or Lazard

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Singletary or Brown

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I vote Singletary. Miami sucks, so it’s the perfect game for the Bills to get him back into rhythm, Let the rookie touch the ball a ton to get him used to playing football again and get in the groove.

Then J Brown, Seattle games this year tend to be high-scoring/shootouts, and they’re pretty good against the run, so Baltimore may turn to the air more

this is john brown, wr for bills not jaron brown for seahawks

oh shit, yeah. I was thinking Hollywood Brown (BAL) for some reason lol.

He’ll still probably have a good game, but I’d still go Singletary. Howard will be on Brown, and like I argued for Singletary, BUF will run the ball and control the game, and probably let Singletary have a day

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but which oneeeeee hahahaha, the decision will definitely win or lose my week