Pick 1 RB for Playoffs

Mack, Ware, Edwards

Standard Scoring

I have Mack, he’s a boom bust player with tough matchups until the final. If you are confident you can make the final, I would go Mack. He would play the Giants at home. Only if you have a bye or your team is deep enough, I think he will have another huge game week 16, the trouble could just getting to that point if you have to play him before then. I have a bye this week, and then I plan on playing the top 2 active RB’s on the Chargers. I have Gordon/Ekeler/Jackson. Definitely playing Mack should I make the final, no doubt about it.

If not, I would pick Ware, he’s on the best offense and has the best chance to score even if he’s not playing the best. Gus Edwards has a nice schedule, plenty of work for him, can’t go wrong with him either honestly.

  1. Ware 2. Edwards 3. Mack

But just to emphasize, if you are stashing, I would pick Mack. He’s an explosive player who can have a huge week 16. Good Luck!

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This is exactly how I’m feeling.

In all 3 cases, I have enough players ahead of them that none would likely start, even in the final. I don’t need to lean on any (barring injury) so I’m considering them as depth players for my roster.

I have been leaning Ware, but I would also hate to give my opponent the option to play Mack against me (assuming I make it to the final), given that RBs are scarce in my league.

I feel like Ware has an average ROS of season (safer) and Mack has 2 tough games followed by a potential 25 point game to end

I guess the answer is to keep stashing Mack then