Pick 1 RB to start

Who would you guys start this week?

James Robinson vs Miami
McKinnon @nyg
D. Henderson @buf

Looking for the RB with the biggest upside as I have a difficult matchup

Id leave Henderson on the bench i dont trust that backfield yet
Robinson has proved more but with Jimmy G out they might rely a bit more on that offensive line and run game for mckinnon to have a big game.

between Robinson and Mckinnon for me and id start robinson with the known workload but I think Mckinnon has the higher ceiling and you asked for the bigger upside

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I don’t know that I necessarily agree that Jimmy G/Nick Mullins is a huge difference, but I’d agree that McKinnon has higher upside. I’d personally start Robinson as well, but McKinnon has that breakaway speed.

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Thanks guys!