Pick 1 rookie draft

I have pick 1 of the rookie draft in our 1/2ppr dynasty league.

I have been offered pick 5 and Tyler Boyd.

What’s everyone’s thoughts?

RBS are bell, Jones, Johnson, guice, hunt and Murray.

WR brown, DJ Moore, Sutton, Davis, Kirk, coutee and mvs

I’d stay where you’re at. Get Jacobs or Montgomery at the 1.01 in the rookie draft. Boyd is decent but you have a lot of young talent at WR and Boyd IMOP doesn’t have a huge ceiling. Plus with the 1.05 pick you’ll probably end up with Metcalf/Campbell/Brown, another WR. Unless you took Hockenson.

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That’s a hard pass for me… Boyd is a solid slot guy, but he’s ceiling isn’t high enough to make up for the drop from 1.01 to 1.05.

Considering you’re without the services of Hunt for 8 weeks and Guice is no safe bet to have the bulk of the carries, I’d think Jacobs would make for a nice piece that’s set to contribute day one for you.

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