Pick 1 to start

McCaffrey @ Chicago
Ajayi v. NY Jets
Murray @Cleveland

Who would you pick in a standard league?

Murray assuming he’s playing, if not then Ajayi.

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Agreed McCaffrey will probably get held in check against the Bears you beat them through the air. Murray will find himself in workhorse mode against the Browns ence if the titans fall back. Jets have a solid D right now and Miami will be fighting back and not with the run game.

I would think that McCaffrey would do well. He’s the heavy hitter in the passing game and if Benjamin doesn’t play then that only means more targets his way

I’m excited about Murray this week if only because it’s cleveland. That’s just points waiting to happen. He’s the easiest guy to play in my opinion.

Ajayi has the benefit of the workload over both of these guys. That’s the main thing he provides and the Jets could be the wrong team to experiment against with a struggling offense.

I still am kinda torn on who to choose though.

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Cleveland isn’t a bad run defense, but with such a sure positive game script they will run with Murray a bunch.

I’m not sure what Murray’s injury status will be like come the weekend?

I’d play Ajayi