Pick 1 WR and 1 Flex...I picked up Ware today!

WRs available: David Moore, Ridley, Humphries
RBs available: Michel, Ware

I understand its Oakland but is it worth trotting Ware out first game?

Any suggestions?

not lik ware hasn’t been playing…

The panthers defense has looked suspect and with desean jackson out it looks that much better for humphries and ridley has a tough matchup against the ravens. I like ware over michel since ware is the undisputed no1 and rex burkhead is coming off his injury, its jsut too much split time for the pats rbs

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Humphries, pronounced with an ump-frees

Ya I’m leaning towards Humphries as my wr2 and Ware as my Flex…any other opinions clan?

I’m thinking ware and humphries too. Especially if you are in any form of ppr.