Pick 2 Challenge! HELP!

Need to pick 2 from Collins, Lynch, Powell, Enunwa and Godwin

0.5 PPR, any rationale would be appreciated!!


I am assuming this is just for the week? I think Lynch is my favorite rb from the group but him and Collins are almost the same person (less vultured tds for Lynch though). Godwin would be my favorite option in the receiver group just because I think his upside is higher than Enunwa, but I personally would probably just go Collins, lynch.

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Beast Mode & Collins

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thank you both, it is to fill an RB spot and flex spot but the godwin point is interesting, i wanted to play powell because of the match script and as we saw in the last game, its easy to pick the play to enunwa and they only run 3 plays to WRs (I do alot of analysis) thank you for the tips though :slight_smile: