Pick 2: Courtland Sutton, Paul Richardson, Geronimo Allison

Case for each:

Courtland sutton: could be a break out even though hes a rookie, the footballers have mentioned him many times saying this

Paul Richardson: Could be a top WR in the redskins offense, signed big contract , which to me means they believe in him

Geronimo Allsion: Could be the #2 WR with aaron rodgers

What do you guys think? I have sutton and richardson but allison is on the waivers.

I have Demaryious Thomas as well. Just in case that sways you from dropping sutton for allison

They’re all flyers in my opinion. I would probably not pick up Geronimo if I were you.

I disagree w/them being flyers. Courtland Sutton has tremendous upside considering and he can easily surpass DT. Ridley and Moore were taken in the first rounds due to their outside and slot capabilities. Sutton has all the tools and has a chance to be great.

With nothing super substantial to base this on, I have a good feeling about Allison. That said I dont own much of him outside of best ball (I got DJ Moore and either Sterling Shep/Nelson Alg as my WR 4/5) in most cases.

Theres been some rumors that arent totally confirmed that Cobb is getting shopped. If he gets traded, I think Allison becomes a top 36 WR instantly. He fills a role that Adams and Graham dont… that of a vertical threat. I expect him to be a top waiver wire pickup this year.

This guy again. You are the king of hyperbole with literally zero facts / support to back them up. The only chance Sutton passes DT is if DT goes down with an injury. And I have sutton ranked as my top WR of the entire rookie class. He needs time to develop and he is at best, the 3rd option in that broncos offense. I agree with you Sutton has all the tools and talent to be a WR1 in the NFL, he just isn’t going to do it this year.

You’re judging this year’s rookie WR class very low, but we can say it will be way better than last year’s class’ performacne. You are still talking about DT even though he’s been trending down past few years, you probs would have a case for Alex Smith as well. Courtland Sutton is a big body athletic player, 6’4" and 216 lbs. He’s already got a pres season TD under his belt. With new quarterback Keenum out there, everyone has a shot and looks as though Sanders & Sutton look like the lead dogs there.

Oh no way. A pre season TD? Damn well Freeman has 3 pre-season TDs, let’s start drafting him above Fournette. Bonified stud.

I’m not ranking them low, I love the class. And I LOVE sutton. Saying he has a good shot to overtake who is probably the best WR the broncos have ever had is just complete BS.

DT trending down? Sure. Who were his QBs again? Siemian? Paxton Lynch? played with a Hamstring injury and still almost put up 1K yards with that type of trash at QB. They drafted Sutton to be the future, and by this time next year, i have no doubt he will take over as the new DT but it’s just not happening this year.

I get it, you’re a dreamer. You love guys who haven’t done jack and assume they will immediately become studs. That’s just not how the NFL works. But history, facts and real analysis shows us, it’s very rare for a rookie WR to make an immediate impact, never mind take over and become that teams WR1 in his first season. Come back down to reality man.

ODJ’s class did, why not this one? Plenty high end WRs went this year. Maybe the changing of guard on some teams. Jus sayin’ that in 2018, Sanders & DT are both 30+ year old guys, they can easily be overtaken considering there’s a new QB in town.
People were expecting big things from Corey Davis last season and he was a dud. Sutton may deliver on those #s expected this year from a rookie WR.

Sometimes, the stuff you say literally shows everyone how little you actually know about this sport. You are regularly taking two situations which are NOWHERE near comparable, and just assume it happens again.

1st of all, 30 years old is when most receivers have some of their best seasons. 28-31 is probably the prime of most receivers careers. Second of all, here is the draft capital for OBJ’s class of receivers:

1.04 - Sammy Watkins
1.07 - Mike Evans
1.12 - OBJ
1.20 - Brandin Cooks
1.28 - Kelvin Benjamin

5 receivers taken in the top 30 picks. 4 of them taken before 1.24 which is where DJ moore, the first WR off the board was taken. That was a HISTORICALLY great season. Evans/OBJ are two of the best performing young receivers of ALL TIME. To think that the success there will be repeated by DJ Moore who i love, sutton who i love but was taken in the 2nd round with the 40th overall pick, is ludacris. Do you even watch the NFL or follow it at all?

All of those guys drafted in OBJs class walked into a starting WR1 role. They were drafted to be the lead receivers on their respective teams from day 1. That is not true for sutton. He was drafted, to sit behind DT and learn. Is it possible he overtakes DT? Sure, I guess anything in the NFL is possible. Is it likely? No. Don’t be a fool.