Pick 2: Dak, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson

I am one of the unfortunate players that drafted Andrew Luck in the 12th round. I also picked up Josh Allen as a late-round flyer with the chance that he might emerge as a top 5-ish QB. Since Luck’s retiring, I have dropped him and picked up Dak Prescot. Lamar Jackson is also available, but I am not sure I want both Allen and Jackson with the chances that they both don’t pan out. What combination of those 3 QBs would give me the best options this year? Pick 2: Dak, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson

Dak and Lamar Jackson.

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Footballers are high on Jackson and so am I so I definitely think Jackson has upside

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I’m on the Dak and Lamar freight train. I’m waiting in all drafts to grab either of them late (assuming not a 2QB or superFLEX). I do like Josh Allen this year but I think there are some unknowns to start the season.

Do you need 2QBs?

we only play 1 QB a week (4 pt TD) but ive always been in the mindset if you dont have one of the top qbs then to stash another on your bench

How many teams in this league? If guys like Dak were on waivers, I’d only hold one QB - Lamar Jackson.

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10 team league