Pick 2.. Evans, Julio, Baldwin

Standard scoring need 2 to play this week… Mike Evans vs. Atlanta, Julio Jones vs. Tampa, and Doug Baldwin vs. 49ers? I have Bell, Hunt, and McCoy in the flex and RB so need 2 WRs out of those 3. Any input would be awesome!

It seems to be a 4 team league with that roster so just pick any of them!

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Lol its funny you say that because its actually a 10 team league with pretty experienced players. you’d be surprised what making 7 trades, working the wire, and drafting well can do for a roster. Still sitting at 7-4 so hasnt been all roses. Fortunately was able to get Hunt in the 10th round before Ware went down, drafted baldwin, drafted Bell #2 overall. Flipped Demarco and D Parker for Julio and J graham prior to the season. Picked up Wentz off the wire week 3 so flipped Russell Wilson and another piece for Shady before he even scored a TD this season(slump). And lastly trade Jordan Reed(pre injury) and Cousins to a Qb and TE needy team for Evans. However, not everything has gone smoothly as I traded Kamara for Ty Montgomery pre Peterson trade and pre aaron jones explosion. I do though need some help this week with picking 2 out of these 3 recievers as battling for the #2 bye for playoffs, so any advice or input on the matter at hand would be appreciated!

im in a 10 team with hopkins, julio, and baldwin, idk if i should start dion lewis over hopkins or just let hoplins ride. good job managing to grab those guys in trades for you. the murray and parker the dude mustve been high before the season to make that trade lol. how the heck did you get hunt in the 10th?

That’s a tough one because Hopkins keeps producing no matter what, but Lewis is a solid option. And yeah he was a huge Murray fan from cowboys days and was banking on a season like last year and Graham was his back up TE and loved parkers potential. And I got Hunt around pick 90-100 because Spencer ware was still the guy before tearing his acl

Baldwin and Julio is what I’d say.