Pick 2 Flex Starters

PPR league. Start 2 RB, 2 WR and 2 Flex.

Have Gurley/Mixon as my backs, Green/Cooper as my receivers.

So for the two flex I have this group, bolded my current picks.

RB: Royce, Cohen, Riddick, Alfred Morris(just scooped up with McK injury news) and Latavius

WR: Cobb, Funchess, Doctson and Keelan Cole

Definitely Cobb. I don’t trust the Broncos to do the right thing and go with Royce. I’d almost be tempted to say Cohen or even Funchess.


Thanks for the reply, anyone else?

Seems like Freeman will be the starter so seems like he should be good to go as my second flex?

Royce Freeman is the definite first choice.
2nd Choice is tough.
I feel like Cole gives you the biggest upside.

I say Cobb 2nd, Cole is worth keeping but I’m not ready to start him

Cobb and Cole. I have full faith in Keelan Cole right now.