Pick 2 for .5ppr

Having trouble deciding who to play.

Amari cooper - shadowed by Heyward
Mike Williams - target problem
Keelan Cole - unpredictable offence
Keke coutee - unpredictable
Nelson Agholor - targets but no yards

Pick 2 please help

Agholor cole
Agholor has big potential to have a big game since he wont be seeing any of Rhodes
With fournette out they’re more than likely going to have to pass alot especially if their d cant completely shut down the kc offense

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I agree with the above I wouldn’t start Keke cutie unless I knew Fuller was going to miss time and Mike Williams disappointed last week otherwise he would be in consideration Amari Cooper always seems to let you down when you think he’s going to do well which the Chargers secondary should be a good matchup or maybe you’re right if he’s getting Hayward shadowing him all day.

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It’s gonna be hard to insert Cole and Agholor into my starting lineup but I get it

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Believe me I’d be asking the same thing if I were in your shoes bud. But in my eyes those 2 are your safest bets right now. Unless fuller doesnt play you can plug coutee in over cole.

I also have Kenny stills. Would that change anything?

Play stills over cole way better upside

But it’s so simple. All you have to do is divine from what you know of Cooper. Is he the sort of man who would boom this week or bust? Now, Cooper being a clever man would bust this week, because he would know that only a great fool would bench a starting WR, thus tanking your team. You’re not a great fool, so you can clearly not choose to leave him on your bench. But he must have known you were not a great fool; he would have counted on it, so you can clearly not choose to start him.

Cooper comes from Australia, as everyone knows. And Australia is entirely populated with criminals. And criminals are used to having people not trust them, as he is not trusted by you. So you can clearly not choose to bench him.

And he must have suspected you would have known his origin, so you can clearly not choose to start him.

He’s beaten the Giants, which means he’s exceptionally strong. So, he could choose to boom this game, trusting on his strength to save him. So you can clearly not choose to leave him on your bench. But, he’s also bested the Seahawks which means he must have studied. And in studying, he must have learned that man is mortal so he would put the football as far from himself as possible, so you can clearly not choose to put him on your starting roster.

He’s given everything away! I know exactly what you should do.

This does not help ^ lol

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