Pick 2 Keepers for Dynasty Startup

No keeper penalties

LeVeon Bell
Antonio Brown
Alvin Kamara


how long can you keep them? cause im inclined to keep AB and kamara if you can keep forever. bell is just so up in the air. i dont like those kinds of concerns for a long term pick. if you can only keep for a few years, easy. bell and brown. you cant go wrong with a top 3 RB and top 3 WR.

Yep, we basically start the draft after our keepers. So they will essentially be my first two picks for our dynasty draft.

Oh sorry, my question may have gotten lost in this. Do you get to keep them as long as you want? Or was the yep saying you can keep them forever?

Yes you keep them forever. Not a good feeling to not keep someone like Bell on your team though but I’m leaning your way I think.

i know, its tough. but you gotta play the odds game. bell very well could be the bell we know for the next 5 years… but i just wouldnt bet on it. and this is a long term decision you are making. as tough as it is, you gotta know when to let someone go for the more sure bet. if its 1 year, hands down keep bell. 2 years, im still probably doing it just because it is bell. after that though… ill take kamara and his upside.

For sure, I have the 11th pick in the draft and I’m trying to talk him in to trading me Hopkins and the 7th overall for Bell and the 11th. Then I’d probably keep Bell and Kamara and move forward with Kamara and Hopkins. But if he doesn’t go for it I’ll just stick with Brown and Kamara probably.

Take Kamara and AB. AB is going to play well into his 30s. At least another 3-4 years left in his prime if not more. If you’re trying to predict more than that in fantasy football, you’re on a fools errand.

I have a Kamara AB stack in one of my dynasty leagues and I feel fantastic about it.

Ya I think I’m leaning that way for sure.