Pick 2: Lockette, Boyd, Tate, Kerryon Johnson

Right now I’ve got Boyd and Tate in there. Everyone is telling me to start Kerryon b/c this Dallas vs Det game is looking to be a low over/under with lots of running.

So here’s the breakdown of my team and my opponent. I’m currently favored to win 132 - 118 with Boyd and Tate in there over Lockette and Kerryon

My team:
QB: Eli/Stafford (Leaning Eli)
WR1: Antonio Brown
WR2: Tate/Boyd/Lockette
RB1: Todd Gurley
RB2: Jordan Howard
TE: Trey Burton
Flex: Boyd/Tate/Lockette/Kerryon
Def: GB

My opponent:
QB: Rodgers
WR1: Devante Adams
WR2: Kenny Galloday
RB1: Lynch
RB2: Hyde
TE: Ebron
Flex: Brandon Cooks
DEF: Miami


I like Eli, Tate, and Boyd.

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Awesome, bc that’s what i’m leaning towards right now!!

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Tate justtt got hit with a Questionable tag for his hip! fml