Pick 2 of the 3 receivers for please

I have Allen Robinson, Tyler Lockett, and Jarvis Landry. It is a standard scoring league. Let me hear yalls opinions. Thanks

come on fellas, I need some help

lockett landry

thats what i was thinking too

Any other opinions?

ARob, Lockett.
With 5ish targets per game since new coach took over…Landry scares me. Last week was a bit of an odd game for Landry. CLE offense seems to be just spreading the ball around to whoever is open despite Landry being most talented.
I have Landry as well and am debating between him and Doug Martin in the Flex.

Yeah I’m not sure what to do

I’d take a rob and Lockett. Landry isn’t getting a ton in the last few weeks.

I’d go Lockett and Landry,
browns are going to be playing for a playoff spot. Landry getting a lot of targets recently and he’s very talented

Thanks for your opinion I agree, I’m going with those two