Pick 2 of these 3 Keepers

10-Team .5PPR, QB 6 Points TDs, IDP

Hey clan. I need help. Keep 2 of these 3…

James Connor for a 10th rounder (certainly one of them)
Nick Chubb for a 10th
Pat Mahommes for a 10th

Conner and Chubb. spend all your early picks on WR and try to get Montgomery/Sanders in the 4th-6th round range. I wouldn’t worry about Mahomes even if it’s 6 point passing TD’s as the value at elite RB is too good to pass up. You could theoretically just draft Mahomes in the 3rd if you really want him and still keep Conner&Chubb


Good point. I was thinking something similar but that would allow me to be the crazy guy and grab mahommes early. There is one guy in my league though who may nab him in the 2nd. (drafted Tom Brady first over all last year). He still has the mind set of “QBs get you the most points, so get one early”. He’s gotta see the light one of these days.

Connor and Chub. They are going much earlier then Mahomie. @keith_ferguson is right on. focuses on WRs and pick up some RB depth later on.