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Pick 2 out of 3 RBs


10 team half ppr
Demarco, Carson, Hyde
I really wanna play Carson but I’m struggling putting him over the other 2.

My reciever are AB, Michael Thomas, Keenan Allen, Tyreke Hill. Can’t bring myself to put in a back over any of them either…help


I think Hyde will be limited this week. I don’t really like Demarco this week, but I think him and Carson are the safer bet. At least they’re fully healthy right now


Not the scenario I was thinking I thought I had hyde locked and loaded but you think he will be limited and against an already rough Arizona defense. I will have hyde out and play it by ear, thank you.


I think that’s your best option. I have Demarco as well and am starting him, somewhat begrudgingly. So I will be hoping for both of our success tomorrow!