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Pick 2 out of this group


D Martin, Abdullah, Lacy, A Robinson, Perkins. I was ok with Robinson and Abdullah but Martin ran well yesterday. And wouldn’t mind Martin and Abdullah. Thoughts?


I like Martin a lot. Robinson looked great in preseason game #2, but that QB scene is brutal. Probably go with Abdullah, but hold out as long as you can.


Remember that martin is suspended for the first three or four games. Robinson will get a better QB . Abdullah is the best of the rest.


Three games for Martin … and I still draft him ahead of Abdullah.


So if you had to choose two tonight it would be Martin and Abdullah? Even with the suspension?


I would. In fact, I have already drafted Martin in the one league that has drafted already.


What round were you able to get Martin in?


I got him in rd 6.


Martin and ARob. Jacquizz isn’t talented enough to hold off Martin when he returns from suspension, and Tampa’s schedule looks nice this season. ARob might be in a bad QB situation but he’s going to be peppered with targets, and Hurns being back should provide for more open opportunities.