Pick 2, please help!

Ok so I need to pick 2 of these guys this week:
Tevin Coleman, Jordan Howard, kerryon Johnson, and Nick Chubb. 12 team standard league

I’d say Kerryon for sure yes, Howard for sure no. Coin toss for the other two, but I’d probably lean Coleman since Cleveland might just air it out the whole game, since they can against Tampa.


Kerryon and Coleman, everyone is acting like Cleveland just got Bell, Chubb is a rookie and still unproven. Follow the track record not the hype.

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I agree with the other comments. I’d definitely start Kerryon and then probably Coleman over Chubb. I’d still be a bit worried about the workload split with Coleman/Ito though, and I don’t have those same concerns with Chubb. Wouldn’t blame you if you went Chubb for the second spot.

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