Pick 2 PPR - One RB, One Flex

James White @ MIA
Joe Mixon @ LAC
Mark Ingram @ TB
Rob Gronkowski @ MIA
Golden Tate @ DAL

One must be a RB, the other Flex. Thanks.

I think i play mixon and ingram here. The less than desirable weather in Tbay is going to failitate a run heavy game, which should let ingram have a better game than average.

mixon’s volume and overall usage should allow for okay numbers. certainly i see better numbers than the other options at any rate

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You know what. I’ve been commenting on several posts here about Ingram and been thinking that with NO’s being almost a lock here and might be going easier on Ingram at this point…something just occurred to me. With the wind in TB possibly being an issue here, now I’m suddenly thinking…WOW…who’s gonna be facing the wind in the first half and who’s gonna be dealing with a possible “come-back” game-plan during the second half against the wind.